The design of our replacement chassis is based on a simple, organic design. We don't just copy a chassis and design a motor pod into it. Many factors contribute to a good handling slotcar. We carefully look at body mounting points, various lengths like guide to rear wheels, wheel base, overall space constraints and rigidity. We test every design extensively so the final product is lower, lighter, smoother and faster than the original chassis.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)...

All of our designs are created on our state of the art CAD system. The same software that designs automobiles, jet engines and formula one cars.

3D Printing Technology...

3D Printing technology is constantly evolving. 10 years ago, a laser would cut out a shape in a single sheet of paper - and that piece was slowly stacked on top on another to create a 3D object. Today, machines and materials are evolving at a head spinning rate. At CG Slotcars, we have found that Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) to be the best in terms of strenth and tolerance. Our printing partner, Shapeways offers this process and can deliver our products right to your door.

So, Why 3D Printing?

Traditional manufacturing is often wasteful and dirty. In many ways, 3D printing lessens that waste and the carbon footprint manufacturing has on the Earth.

Fewer wasted materials: Only the raw materials needed to create the object—be it plastic filament, metal powder, or carbon fiber—are used.

Possibility of longer life spans: Product parts can be replaced with 3D printing so the entire product doesn't have to be shelved each time it malfunctions.

Less transport: Products often travel across many continents to get to their final destination. With 3D printing, the production and assembly can be local. Raw materials are the only things that will ship, and they take up far less space.

Fewer unsold products: If a company makes a product, the ones that are discontinued or not sold often end up piling up in landfills. 3D printing can improve this because companies can make them as needed.

3D printing will not replace the injection mold industry - where our beloved cars come from. It is however a game changer in many ways and we look forward to pushing the boundries (and your club's rules) every inch along the way.